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We let ourselves to be bullshitted

Our "modern" society suffers from chronic disease which brings lot of misery in our lifes and restrains our real progress. Its symptoms are present in all areas of our lifes. We weaken ourselves and often bring hell on the earth for ourselves and others. The solution cannot be less than about positive thinking or technological advancement.

The healing process requires our „inner-regeneration“ by most powerful (and yet simple) natural way. But it does not mean it will be easy. Quite the opposite, we need to step in what is most uncomfortable for ourselves and stay persistent.

However, the result you will experience consists in the fact that you will feel powerful, take responsibility for your actions, maintain healthier relationships and will be happier in your life (regardless of circumstances).

It is recipe that applies to everyone, regardless of label we put on ourselves or others.

Nevertheless, in the difficult times we are living in it is of highest importance what stand we will take – if we start from (within) ourselves…or not and we will bury our heads in the sand or will directly contribute to the dramas and suffering in life.

Just as we should not learn to swim without help of a trainer, it would be wiser to be accompanied at the beginning of your journey (you will be strongly pulled to the bottom – your habitual behavior, without even noticing it).

If you have decided to take next step on your path, I am offering you personal consultation to help you:

  • solve the problems you are struggling with (by simple and effective way),
  • develop your own ability to be your best healer (and be true support for others).
Our common effort shall be to do the maximum for you.

Support on your way forward...

to help you solve problems you are facing

Personal development The purpose of the consultation is to help you face your challenges – to step aside, see your situation from a broader perspective, the REAL problem you are encountering and to solve it in the most natural way.

To become aware, where you are in your life right now and how to live it as it was always meant to be (learn to surf the waves of change throughout your life and not letting yourself to be swept by them). Feeling free and happy (experiencing inner peace) is possible for all of us, it is the foundation of our being.

Therefore our conversation will be not focused on comforting you (encouraging you to remain in your current state), on helping you think positively or confirming your opinion. That’s because all of the mentioned prevent us from getting to the underlying core of the problem.

My intention is lead you to:

You can learn more about the consultation i offer here: Blog / Personal growth differently - about consultation

Whatever you need, there is solution...

Consultation (lasts 1 hour) is provided from the comfort of your home and all you need is internet connection.

In case of your interest in consultation or if you have any questions, please fill in contact form or send me email at the address here. I will be happy to discuss your particular situation.

Notice: Personal consultation does not present certified medical, psychological service and do not serve as substitute for provision of services subjected to certain legal regulations.

My experience

It is more convenient to blame for our unhappy life someone else (fate, God, spouse, family or others). But this does not change our life drama, quite the opposite everyday life becomes even more unbearable and we try to find false happiness in escape (which can have for each of us different form).

I underwent psychoteraphy, various courses in personal development focused on positive thinking and saw many motivational videos. For a moment, it worked (it provides temporary satiation), but positive thinking and mental techniques does not solve the root of the problem, they “help” to delay facing it until the next trigger comes with the new situation.

I got real help, when I was ready for it (usually it means find ourselves in state, where we are not able to cope with the situation anymore and are willing to do also what is most uncomfortable and unpleasant for us).

We are on our holiday stay on earth to experience, to learn and to grow, despite that it’s the last thing our ego desires. However it is our ego itself, which reveals us true “secret” and key to happier life…

As I experience change in my life, I would like to be a help for those who do not see the way out (of the hell) right now.

It does not mean that one day you will wake up and from that moment you will be incredibly happy and rich, without any problem, disappointment, failure for the rest of your life. It will require a lot of hard work – the hardest you will go through. However, you will EXPERIENCE the change. Lasting change. Even though you will slip away on your path from time to time, it will never be as before. You will be different.


"...consultation brought me totally different perspective on one of the most important steps in my life and thanks to the questions I got to the core of the dilemma I had. To successful conclusion of our (although short) meeting helped certainly also Jana´s empathic approach. I would recommend consultation not only to anyone looking for answers to questions hidden inside him/her."

"Consultation via skype was very helpful for me. In a relatively short time (about 45 minutes) I got correctly assessed, where the problem was and by the questions I was directed to look at things from a different angle, what was exactly what I needed. At first it was odd to talk to a stranger about my situation, but thanks Janka´s friendly approach it was not a problem at all."


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