Shedding light on psychological problems (updated)

Shedding light on psychological problems (updated)

Shedding light on psychological problems (updated) | 28.07.2018 07:55

I often encounter people talking about "psychological problems" that cause them or people around them to suffer. Medical, psychological science, unfortunately, does not address this issue correctly.

Psychological problems are also known as mental or psychiatric problems or disorders. It is considered that psychologists/psychiatrists are helping us to heal our human „psyche“. From the point of view of these disciplines „psyche“ presents human "mind", which is part of our brain a thus problems we are experiencing originate right here – in our head.  It is not so.

It is true, that some of the problems some people are experiencing are caused by impairment of any function in our body, in brain – in central nervous system (their cause can be for example congenital or developmental defect, brain injury, infection, use of psychoactive drugs). These problems, however, do not originate in our true soul, but in our body.

The point I try to make is that there are two diametrically different phenomena which psychology / psychiatry does not recognize.

What most people (psychologists/psychiatrists) consider as psychological problems present conditions, which are not caused by impairment  in the body, in the brain, on the physical level, but by suppressed emotions, which we accumulate "inside" of us, on energy level, in our true soul...emotions DO NOT ORIGINATE  in our body, they are only reflected in the body...

And thus, while there are conditions that happen to us which we cannot influence by ourselves without any remedy, the vast majority of conditions what we label as psychological problems are fully in our own hands, and nobody will heal them for us, only we can do it…

However, the core skill so much needed for our life’s we have never developed. From childhood we were not led to pay attention to what we feel and we have not express our emotions (sadness, anger, pain...), on the contrary, we have suppressed them. We are not aware what is happening inside us and we don’t know how to deal with it. As we walk through life and experience also traumatic situations, inner snowball of our unrecognized emotions becomes bigger and bigger until we get to the point when it begins to significantly affect our outer life...

If our emotions remain suppressed, they will manifest themselves by various symptoms that go against ourselves (e.g. depression and our escape in alcohol or other addictions, insomnia, compulsive thoughts, panic states, self-harming) or against others (manipulation, any form of violence against others).

Taking psychopharmaceuticals may help to weaken the symptoms but cannot cure the cause, it remains untouched, and the moment we stop taking the medication symptoms will start to show up again. Long-term use of psychopharmaceuticals can also be associated with real mental problems (such as dementia, epileptic seizures, delirium..).

If we begin to pay attention inward, inside ourselves and work with our emotions, symptoms will start to diminish, they gradually disappear and natural restoration of (secondary) imbalance in our body will occur. However, our inner balance will not be achieved by our psychoanalysis or technics aimed at changing our mind.

It is natural and simple, yet sometimes tough process that we need to re-learn, training that we need to undergo, as we learned to ride a bicycle or swim back in the times...

To sum it up, there can be 2 people sitting next to each other having similar symptoms (for example, they are depressed, aggressive to others). In one case, the condition may present symptom of real disorder (originated in the body) that needs to be medically (or in other form) treated, while in the latter case it is symptom of emotional imbalance - suppressed anger or pain, where any medication can suppress the symptoms for a while, but it does not cure the cause... It may also be a combination of both causes (in this case, expressing of our suppressed emotions will significantly contribute to overall improvement of our physical, mental health).

From my experience and observation, the cause of epidemic of what we call “psychological problems”, which is present in our society, is the emotional imbalance – feelings, that are left unrevealed.

But happiness (inner peace) is not unattainable, it is the natural foundation of our being from which we have diverted significantly... The distress that many of us are experiencing should not therefore be perceived as a social norm, condition that cannot be cured.

PS: If you do not find a way out of your vicious circle of problems, I'd be glad to help you to find it, please do not hesitate to contact me.