Personal growth differently - about consultation

Personal growth differently - about consultation

Personal growth differently - about consultation | 11.02.2018 12:22

Recently I got several times asked why I offer remote consultations rather than in person. It is from following reasons:

  1. The consultation is not personal, but objective, that means its purpose is not to build a personal relationship between me and the client, quite the opposite, it is about the client and for the client, about IMPARTIAL description of the client situation and what she or he needs to do to change. But I do my best to approach everybody with respect and empathy :).

  2. Remote consultation provides client with privacy, that she or he needs to be focused on her/his "inner work"; conversation is more open - at a personal meeting we tend to control more what we say or do.

  3. Remote consultation also enables me to focus fully on what is most important - the client.

  4. When we are in the state that we are significantly diverted from our inner balance, we tend to escape from what we need to face by projection, creating an unhealthy relationship towards others. Therefore personal meetings could be very counterproductive in this respect, as my intention is to help the client face what she or he needs to face, to be part of the solution and not the problem...
How do consultations I offer differ from psychotherapy and different mental techniques, such as positive thinking, NLP (and anything else aimed at changing our thinking) or spiritual practices (such as fortune telling, relationship magic, etc.)?

I do not focus on analysis of the physical events in the person´s life (what happened/is happening/will happen, with whom, where, why, how...) or what is happening in person´s imagination (about what or who, where, when she/he is thinking).
I focus on the cause - emotions which have been suppressed inside and let person to be stuck in place, to suffer, to not live life to the fullest, just to survive...

The goal is not to have a client go through as many consultation as possible, but to help person to face his/her emotional issues, so other consultation (or other form of support person used before) is no more needed.

I help people to develop their own ability - to learn again to work with their energy ... energy or chi (or whatever we call it) is the most powerful force that exists and everything affects, it is the phenomenon that breathes life into the human body, as well as takes it back and during the course of our life it manifests itself in our physical word through what we call feelings or emotions (anger, lust, sadness, pain, fear, joy, compassion, love, desire) and our intuition and passion.

As we walk through our life’s, we experience many different events, which trigger inside of us different emotions. When we do not express them - we do suppress them and thus create "block" in the flow of our energy (in our inner balance), just as if we were to throw a stone in the mill wheel...Try to watch small kids and animals they do express their emotions naturally and do not suppress them, therefore they live fully "here and now". Unfortunately as we grow up we stop using and are losing our natural ability...

My intention is to teach people to accept and express their emotions again and to be aware of the processes taking place inside of them ... to restore and to always come back to their inner balance, to gain the fundamental skills for the rest of their lives, to be their own best healer and to not depend on anyone or anything.

Likewise, if we want to be physically fit, we need to eat healthy and exercise for a lifetime, it's will be not done by miracle pill that we take one day, and from that moment we will stay fit for the rest of our lives.

It is about our continual work that brings forth its fruit ... inner freedom and peace.

If you have any other questions, I will be glad to answer them.

You can try initial 30 min. consultation for free.

PS: it is not important whether or not anyone believes it... the experience is essential ... As if we were to say to someone, who has lived for whole her/his life in the Sahara desert, that elsewhere in the world snow falls from the sky, she or he may not believe it, but it does not change the fact - and anyone can learn it by own experience ...